Your Newborn Session

All newborn babies have a unique and beautiful quality that changes literally each and every day after birth. By the end of their first month they have grown and changed so much that in a matter of weeks your gorgeous little newborn bundle has all but lost their defining newborn characteristics. Newborn photography is the earliest memory you will have of your children at their most pure, raw and innocent.

Our Newborn sessions adopt a ‘Less is More’ philosophy. Our style centres around minimalist and clean compositions that direct the focus and attention to the exquisite, wholesome beauty that is a Newborn. We eliminate distracting props and strong colour and instead use clean, beautiful ivory and off white backgrounds with soft, uncomplicated textured fabrics that create natural and timeless imagery. We also use specialty macro equipment to get in nice and close and capture the most precious, tiny details that within weeks disappear forever.

Our work also features rich black and white as well as natural coloured tones creating timeless imagery that will be enjoyed and shared for generations to come.


Newborn sessions are best scheduled before your baby turns 12 days, those first 12 days are when your baby is most settled and sleepy. Newborns are also at their most relaxed and curly in those early days and conditions such as colic and baby acne tend to appear from weeks 2-3 onwards. Of course we work with newborns all the way through to 6 weeks and with babies of all ages. However, if you have your heart set on those adorable, womb like curly poses then we urge you to schedule your newborn session before day 12.

However, we understand that babies don’t always arrive according to delivery plans and schedules. We typically reserve a spot for your newborn session within a two week period from your due date. When you go into early labour we ask you to send us a brief message or email, this helps us cross check your initial date or re-schedule a date for you. When your baby is born if anything has changed just give us a call and we can arrange another date, no problem.

Your Newborn session is not rushed or timestamped. Just like each baby is different, the duration of your session depends on how settled, active or hungry your little bundle may be. We work within each baby’s comfort levels and never force or persist with handling that they are clearly uncomfortable with. Within these guidelines your newborn session will take between 2 - 4hrs. During this time, we encourage our Mums to sit back with a cuppa, a book or magazine and relax in our beautifully appointed studio.


Our studio is unique and niched in it’s custom designed, boutique service and premium experience. Our work is not high volume nor mass produced, we take the time to listen and understand you and design a session just for you. Your session includes a consultation with Analia where ideas on lighting, wardrobe and style are discussed including your expectations and goals in terms of your final artwork.


All of our newborn props are super soft and selected for their natural, look and feel and organic classic tones. The timeless quality in our newborn work is achieved by keeping things simple and using clean, minimalist backgrounds. We introduce lovely fine texture in the fabrics that we use with the aim of complimenting and not over powering the delicate details of your newborn. All of our props, fabrics and backgrounds are washed and sterilised using a hot cycle with organic laundry liquid after each and every session.

All work is beautifully retouched and edited with a view to producing a natural, clean, fresh look. Our retouching is all done in house to safeguard quality and consistency of style and finish.


Approximately 2 weeks after your photoshoot you will return to the studio to view your images. Viewing appointments are scheduled in the afternoon and require a minimum of 1hr. At your viewing appointment you will see 20 - 30 fully edited images. We work with you to design the artwork that best suites you and your home. All of our beautiful, Australian hand made, industry grade product is on display in the studio. Your art work can be purchased in one of three ways ie. Photo Packages, Wall Packages and A La Carte i.e. design your own personalised gallery of framed or block mounted prints to suite any size wall, room or space in your home. Click here to learn more about our product range.

Viewing Your Artwork