Your Portrait Session


“Your Portrait session is an unapolegetic celebration of glorious you - just for you and just as you are”

As women it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to do things for ourselves. We wear so many hats and rightly so want full and rich lives as mothers, wives, partners, entrepreneurs, sportswomen and members of the community. Your Portrait session is an unapologetic celebration of glorious you - just for you. It’s your opportunity to pause, breath and reconnect wholeheartedly to who you are, how you see yourself and what you want.

Staying true to our Studio philosophy of creating personalised time honouring pieces at all stages of life, our approach to your Portrait experience is collaborative and customised. More importantly your portrait session will be lot’s of fun!

We understand the idea of having your Portrait taken can be daunting, we girls can be so tough on ourselves!. All of the women you see on our website are women just like you, there are no professional models. Our Just for You sessions are founded on the philosophy of celebration and liberation found in the surrendered acceptance of our unique, feminine value and absolute beauty - just as we are.

The truth is, we got this! Analia gently coaches you every step of the way, from expressions and body language to the tiniest of nuances to capture you, as you are, at your best. We work with women from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes and can confidently declare we have not had a single disappointed client.

Despite all the girl talk we also absolutely love to work with men and approach these sessions no different. We get to know you, understand how you want to be photographed and you then enjoy a laid back, easy going session. Boys need great portraits too! Head over to our BoysClub to view a collection of our work.


Your Portrait session is scheduled in the morning and provides a relaxing, un-rushed 2 - 3 hours of fun and relaxation. We move at a nice easy pace so that you can enjoy some nibbles, cold drinks and soothing tunes.


Our studio is unique and niched in it’s custom designed, boutique service and premium experience. Our work is not high volume nor mass produced, we take the time to listen and understand you and design a session just for you. Your session includes a consultation with Analia where ideas on lighting, wardrobe and style are discussed including your expectations and goals in terms of your final artwork.


All of our work centres around producing timeless, elegant imagery that won’t date and that you connect with for years to come. What you decide to wear is entirely up to you and your personal style. We want you to look and feel your absolute best and most importantly feel confident. During your consultation we discuss how you want to be photographed and work with you to design a wardrobe that looks beautiful and is authentically you. The studio carries beautiful fabrics, lace as well as interesting pieces of jewellery to compliment your style and take your look to another creative level.

All work is beautifully retouched and edited with a view to producing a natural, clean, fresh look. Our retouching is all done in house to safeguard quality and consistency of style and finish.


Approximately 2 weeks after your photoshoot you will return to the studio to view your images. Viewing appointments are scheduled in the afternoon and require a minimum of 1hr. At your viewing appointment you will see 20 - 30 fully edited images. We work with you to design the artwork that best suites you and your home. All of our beautiful, Australian hand made, industry grade product is on display in the studio. Your art work can be purchased in one of three ways ie. Photo Packages, Wall Packages and A La Carte. A LA Carte let’s you design your own personalised gallery of framed or block mounted prints to suite any size wall, room or space in your home. Click here to learn more about our product range.

Viewing Your Artwork